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Never Worry About Basement Demolition & Refinishing in Columbus, Ohio

Unlock the potential of your Basement with Alonzo Contractors. Our Basement Demolition & Refinishing services in Columbus, Ohio, offer a one-stop solution to convert your basement into a stunning living space.

Whether it’s a complete Basement Demolition or a creative Refinishing project, our dedicated team is ready to assist you in Columbus. Contact us today to explore endless possibilities for your basement transformation. We’re more than a contractor; we’re your partner in turning dreams into reality.

Alonzo Contractors: Why Choose Us for Basement Demolition & Refinishing in Columbus?

  • Local Knowledge: Deep understanding of Columbus’s building codes and regulations.
  • Quality Guarantee: Committed to superior craftsmanship in both Demolition and Refinishing.
  • Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees, providing clear cost breakdowns.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Building lasting relationships with our Columbus clients.

Understanding Basement Demolition: Why It's Essential

  • Removing Outdated Structures: Basement Demolition clears the way for a modern, functional basement.
  • Safety & Compliance: Ensuring your space meets current building codes in Columbus.
  • Creating a Blank Slate: Preparing your basement for a fresh start with our Refinishing services.

Our Basement Demolition Services: Comprehensive and Customized

  1. Selective Demolition: Targeted removal of specific elements to preserve valuable features.
  2. Full Demolition: Complete Demolition for basements requiring a total makeover.
  3. Debris Removal & Cleanup: Responsible disposal of materials, leaving a clean slate for Refinishing.
Basement Demolition Refinishing - Alonzo Contractors

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Refinishing Your Basement: Turning Dreams into Reality

  1. Design Consultation: Collaborative planning to create a space that reflects your vision.
  2. High-Quality Materials: Selection of top-grade materials for durability and style.
  3. Expert Craftsmanship: Meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of Refinishing.
Basement Demolition Refinishing - Alonzo Contractors
Basement Demolition Refinishing - Alonzo Contractors

Basement Demolition & Refinishing Process: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Initial Assessment: Determining the scope of Demolition and Refinishing.
  • Project Planning: Designing a timeline and budget tailored to your Columbus home.
  • Demolition Phase: Executing Basement Demolition safely and efficiently.
  • Refinishing Phase: Transforming your basement with our expert Refinishing team.
  • Final Walkthrough: Ensuring every detail is perfect before handing over your renewed space.

The Benefits of Basement Demolition & Refinishing with Alonzo Contractors

Increase Property Value

  • Investment Return: Basement Demolition & Refinishing adds value to your home, often returning more than the initial investment.
  • Attract Buyers: A refinished base can be a strong selling point for potential buyers in the Columbus market.

Maximize Space Utilization

  • Extra Living Area: Transform your basement into a functional space that suits your lifestyle.
  • Personalized Design: From entertainment rooms to workshops, our Refinishing options cater to your unique needs.

Enhance Safety and Health

Mold Prevention: Our Basement Demolition process includes treating moisture issues and preventing mold growth.

Structural Integrity: We ensure that the foundation and structural elements are sound, ensuring long-term safety.

Basement Demolition Refinishing - Alonzo Contractors
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What Our Customers Are Saying

ania santos
ania santos
Muy buen trabajo
Daniel Brilhart
Daniel Brilhart
Hard working team. Very responsive to the details as they do their work.
Mike Alston
Mike Alston
Mr. Alonzo and his team did an amazing job repairing my deck. They provide excellent services, and exceeded my timeline expectations. I have already begin to refer his business to my family and neighbors and I am proud to refer here as well! Thank you Alonzo Contractors!!!
Danny Thompson
Danny Thompson
Very professional. They stand behind their work.
Anthony Hodge, Criminologist & Earth Temple Founder
Anthony Hodge, Criminologist & Earth Temple Founder
Service was great! Our refinished ceiling looks amazing, like we're in a new home. They were fast, friendly and the after clean up was great. Rev. Hodge Earth Temple
Connor Johnson
Connor Johnson
Quick, prompt, and the best price I had found.
Maria Q. Diaz
Maria Q. Diaz
Alonzo did a great job. The window looks amazing. He was very professional and the clean up afterwards was more than I expected. He communicated with me very well on everything. I highly recommend.
Yvonne Newhouse
Yvonne Newhouse
Absolutely wonderful to work with their employees. Great service & reasonable cost for projects. Martin did many projects and we are satisfied with their work.
Karen Lehnhart
Karen Lehnhart
We were so happy with the work crew. They were professional, courteous and completed the work in the time frame estimated. Would highly recommend them to anyone and would hire them again. They are an amazing crew of workers.


Basement Demolition involves carefully removing existing structures, walls, flooring, or other elements in the basement. This can range from selective Demolition, where only specific parts are removed, to complete Demolition. Our team follows all safety protocols and Columbus regulations during the process.


The timeline depends on the complexity and size of the project. On average, Basement Demolition takes a few days, and Refinishing can take several weeks. We will provide a customized timeline during our initial consultation.

Absolutely! We adhere to all local building codes and regulations in Columbus, Ohio, ensuring that our Window

We offer a wide array of Refinishing options tailored to your needs. Whether you want a family room, home office, guest suite, or custom space, our team in Columbus will work with you to bring your vision to life.

meet safety and accessibility standards.

We provide a comprehensive warranty for our Basement Demolition & Refinishing services, covering materials and artistry. Specific warranty details will be provided in our agreement.

We thoroughly inspect the area for any signs of mold or foundation issues and treat them as part of the demolition process. We adhere to all safety standards in Columbus to ensure a healthy and stable basement.

Alonzo Contractors offers various financing options to make your Basement Demolition & Refinishing project affordable. We can discuss these options during our initial meeting.

Absolutely! We have a gallery of previous projects showcasing our work in Columbus, Ohio. Feel free to ask to see examples during our consultation.