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A Window needs to meet specific standards to meet egress window code requirements in Ohio. We are experts in preventing moisture from entering your home and causing harmful mould to grow. We can inspect your basement, seal your basement, and if needed, design and install your French Drain system to keep your basement dry and moisture-free. Make sure your new egress windows meet the requirements for Ohio egress windows by using our egress window calculator and purchasing from us at The Great Egress Company.

Egress Door And Egress Window OHIO,TX

Quality Basement Egress/Emergency Escape Egress Windows, Window Wells, Covered Basement Egress, and Professional Installation in Ohio, TX by Alonzo Contractor. We travel to any location in Ohio to install your egress window.

  • We will place your new Egress window in the middle of your new lumber frame.
  • We seal the outside of the lumber frame, protecting your new entry window from the elements.
  • Your new egress window will be securely fastened to your foundation using masonry anchors.
  • A thermal hinged cover is installed to keep the rain out of your egress window and to prevent children from falling into the well.
  • We also backfill and remove all loose soil and debris.
  • We perform a thorough cleanup of the job site 

Egress Window Services

Basement Egress Windows

  • We are locally owned and operated
  • All uniformed employees and company marked trucks – No subcontractors
  • Installers experienced in excavation, concrete cutting, window installation, and carpentry
  • We show up on time and perform entire egress window installation in one day

Why Basement Egress Windows

We need a basement egress window for any below-level bedroom. A basement egress window should have a net-clear opening of at least 5.7 square feet, and the bottom of the window should not be more than 44 inches above the finished floor. Basement Egress windows can make a huge difference in your home’s appearance!

Egress Windows Done Right

  • We do most of the digging by hand and with a shovel, and plywood is used to protect your lawn.
  • We drill all the way down to your outside drapery and put in corrugated drainage lines to guarantee good drainage during heavy rain or flooding.
  • The entire concrete-cutting process takes place from the ground up, and we ensure that your basement is dust and water-free.
We do our services in all Ohio, Texas
For Professional Basement Waterproofing Contact Us, We Are Always Here For Your Help. Thank You

Requirements for Egress Window Code in Ohio?

  • The window must be openable from the inside without the use of keys, tools, or special knowledge.
  • If there is more than one sleeping room in a basement, a means of egress is required in each sleeping room.
  • It must provide an unobstructed opening with a minimum area of 5.7 sq. ft. (This requirement drops to 5 sq. ft. for grade floor or below grade openings).
  • The height of the clear opening must be at least 24″ and the width must be at least 20″.
  • The sill height must not be more than 44″ above the floor.
  • If the sill height is below grade, the window must have a window well.
  • If required, the window well must be at least 9 sq. ft. in an area with a horizontal projection and a width of at least 36″ each.
  • Window wells deeper than 44″ must have permanent steps or a ladder that do not impede the opening of the window.
Alonzo Egress Door And Egress Window Service OHIO,TX
Alonzo Egress Door And Egress Window Service OHIO,TX
Alonzo Basement Waterproofing - Alonzo Contractor

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ania santos
Muy buen trabajo
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Hard working team. Very responsive to the details as they do their work.
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Mike Alston
Mr. Alonzo and his team did an amazing job repairing my deck. They provide excellent services, and exceeded my timeline expectations. I have already begin to refer his business to my family and neighbors and I am proud to refer here as well! Thank you Alonzo Contractors!!!
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Danny Thompson
Very professional. They stand behind their work.
Anthony Hodge, Criminologist & Earth Temple Founder
Anthony Hodge, Criminologist & Earth Temple Founder
Service was great! Our refinished ceiling looks amazing, like we're in a new home. They were fast, friendly and the after clean up was great. Rev. Hodge Earth Temple
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Connor Johnson
Quick, prompt, and the best price I had found.
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Maria Q. Diaz
Alonzo did a great job. The window looks amazing. He was very professional and the clean up afterwards was more than I expected. He communicated with me very well on everything. I highly recommend.
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Yvonne Newhouse
Absolutely wonderful to work with their employees. Great service & reasonable cost for projects. Martin did many projects and we are satisfied with their work.
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Karen Lehnhart
We were so happy with the work crew. They were professional, courteous and completed the work in the time frame estimated. Would highly recommend them to anyone and would hire them again. They are an amazing crew of workers.


Egress windows must be openable from the inside without keys or tools, provide a clear opening of at least 5.7 sq. ft. (5 sq. ft. for grade floor or below), have a minimum height of 24 inches and width of 20 inches, and a sill height not exceeding 44 inches above the floor.


Alonzo Contractors offers quality basement egress/emergency escape windows and professional installation, with a focus on preventing moisture and mould. We are a locally owned company, use uniformed employees (no subcontractors), and complete installations in one day.

Our installation process includes placing and sealing the window in a new lumber frame, securing it with masonry anchors, installing a thermal hinged cover, backfilling, and thorough site cleanup. We also ensure proper drainage and minimize dust and water intrusion during installation.

Yes, if the sill height is below grade, the window must have a well of at least nine sq. ft. with a horizontal projection and width of at least 36 inches each. Wells deeper than 44 inches require permanent steps or a ladder.